Tuesday, 14 February 2012


If you want your love to last forever, come to Wroclaw and lock it on the Tumski Bridge (in Polish: Most Tumski), the oldest bridge in Wroclaw. After fixing the padlock on the Poland love bridge you must throw the key into the river! The best time to do it is St. Valentine's Day:-)
photo by Adrianna Maria Thea Potocka/Wroclove on Facebook  
photo by Julo (Wikipedia)
photo by Magnaj (Wikipedia)
The bridge has been there for centuries (the Tumski island, where it is situated, is the oldest part of the city), but the first padlocks must have appeared in 2009. I saw them for the first time in July 2009, walking there with my German friend Andrea, who first noticed it. Since then, every time I'm there I am surprised by the growing number of padlocks and their amazing shapes. It's become a real tourist attraction:-)

The whole island, known also as the Cathedral island is a beautiful place itself, with old churches, quiet streets, cosy cafes and gas lamps lit up every day by a a lamplighter. He carries a special long pole to light up 92 gas lamps. I was lucky enough to see this special 'ceremony' one summer evening and it was really magical!
photo by my friend Miles
photo by Marek Ciechowski/mm moje miasto
Some other special love places in Wrocław:  

photo by mia amica Stefania
.... and outside Wroclaw, in the gardens of the magnificent Książ castle, 70km away: 
photo by me
Wishing you lots of love around you and inside you each day of the year!:-)