Translating and interpreting services

If you are looking for an English-Polish and Polish-English translator or interpreter, just let me know! I have been translating for 15 years and have experience in business, legal, financial, IT, medical, social and technical areas. 
My customers include: Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa/University of Lower Silesia, Kancelaria Notarialna Ewy Cichowicz/Notary Public Ewa Cichowicz, Whirlpool SA., Bombardier Transportation Sp. z o.o., YOO JIN Enc. Poland Sp. z o.o., Reset2 Sp. z o.o., Asplex Sp. zo.o., Empol Sp. z o.o.
References can be sent upon request.

tel.: 0048 668409924,

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