Tuesday, 13 December 2011


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Today is the 30th anniversary of introducing the martial law in communist Poland by General Jaruzelski. I was eight years old then and I just remember the terrible gloominess on that day. It was a Sunday and the always impatiently expected TV programme for children at 9am was replaced by the stern face of the General announcing the 'war'. What I will always remember are huge blocks of orange Dutch cheese and salty butter given to kids in church as charity aid and the pride of finding some food ration stamps in      a shop followed by a bitter shame of having to return them after the owner had found me. Nothing in the shops and extremely long queues when suddenly something appeared. Some time ago, in the 90's my English friend's mum asked me how we could live without bananas then? I'm asking myself now how my parents could live then at all? Yet, I had a very happy childhood. No barbie dolls and all that commercial stuff. Our imagination had no limits. 

Let's remember the victims of those times. Today at 7.30pm in the Market Square Wroclaw citizens will light up the lights of remembrance, which will be arranged in the shape of the national emblem.

Ośrodek 'Pamięć i Przyszłość'

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