Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Wishing you all Happy St Nicolas’ Day and lots of love and friendliness from the people around you:-)!!!

Were you a good boy/a good girl, my Friend? If yes, you have a chance to get a nice gift from one of the ‘incarnations’ of St Nicolas, whose day is celebrated with revelry in Poland and in Wroclaw today;-). I was woken up today by my girls’ joyful and happy shouts and a relief that their recent crazy quarrelling didn’t prevent Santa from visiting them at night;-).

Wroclaw is proud of its St. Nicolas Street, which was very important in Middle Ages, when the city was growing. It led from the Town Square to the western city gate – the Nicolas Gate. The gate doesn’t exist anymore, the city has moved its western borders far far away, but who knows, maybe you’ll meet St. Nicolas strolling there today, smiling joyfully and giving away small presents? After all, it’s his nameday today!

source: Wikipedia

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